MiLaR Q&A 1

New Series! Mix It Like A Record (MiLaR) Questions & Answers featuring answers to the 1000’s of MiLaR user comments we received!

This video: MiLaR Q&A 1. Treatment of Guitars “In the Mix”.

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NOTE: free videos are growing groups of free videos on topics like songwriting, music production and mixing that also include outtakes and special cuts from full mixing programs. For more in-depth / long form videos w/ pro tools session downloads – featuring Grammy-winning mixers – check out full mixing programs.

This New Series is Grammy-winning Mixer Charles Dye’s “off the cuff” replies to your questions from the popular mixing program Mix It Like A Record –

About Mix It Like A Record: Mix It Like A Record (MiLaR) is a DAW Mixing Course with Grammy-winning Mixer Charles Dye. MiLaR has been highly praised as a comprehensive mixing course that enables you to view “each track as a chapter”, while at the same time having the included Pro Tools sessions running on your DAW. Follow the development and treatments of the mix and then mix your own versions.

Includes streaming video + downloadable Pro Tools sessions, an effects session template and tons of plug-in presets.

NOTE: Mix It Like A Record now has fully Remastered Audio & Video – we listened to the many user feedback and have made the program edits more concise + improved the soundtrack.

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