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the master—Bernie Grundman is an audio mastering program. We provide you with an intimate look at Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman, his workflow and mastering philosophies.

When we created the Bernie Grundman Mastering Program with Bernie, we wanted the logo to represent the central idea of the program. Additionally, it had to represent the man, his career as a Mastering Engineer and what we derived as his central philosophy towards his profession and his art.

The logo breaks down like this. There is a bit of a double meaning in the words: the master—Bernie Grundman as “the master” being the common name for the actual media a mastering engineer produces and of course that Bernie is undeniably a true master of his craft. The coloring of the words Bernie Grundman are an estimation of the interior colors used at his Hollywood CA facility and the ocean – a west coast sentiment.


The rest of the logo is as follows:

1. Source: The song being mastered.

2. Signal: Bernie has a signal path that consists of first quality hand-wired components laid in the most direct fashion including all-discrete, A/B analog consoles that can be absolutely bypassed at any stage. Thus we represent this in our design with – a single line.

3. Reference: Custom Tannoy monitors combined with a tuned and calibrated listening room insure reference purity as masters are auditioned and performed. In our design, the monitor sits perfectly between the source and the engineer on a horizontal plane – representing simplicity and symmetry.

4. Engineer / Listener: Just as an audiophile seeks out a pure signal and pristine listening experience, the mastering engineer wants transparency and clarity. In our design, the engineer is placed directly in front of the reference – but with no other artifacts nearby. It also represents the listener – to whom the art is directed – and to whom the engineer is eminently cognizant of.

Broadly speaking, these were some of the ideas and takeaways from our experience filming and producing the master—Bernie Grundman with Bernie…a true purist with great experience and talent – along with a tech staff who all hold the same reverence for audio…we’re all the better to have had the chance to look inside a great man’s perspective and see the way so many landmark masters are produced.  

see the program here:

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